Site Host: Peter Elbling
Occupation: writer/actor/director/songwriter
Years in Training: 45
Age: 23

Hellena Jones Elbling
Fashion Coordinator: Unknown
Hairdresser: Sue Putnam
Dentist: Prefers to remain incognito
Marital Status: See Photographer



Peter's Reel

Friends Everywhere.

2014 is staring out even bigger than last year. I’ve just shot not one but TWO commercials, and acted in my first TV show in over twenty years. You can see my acting reel above.

An added bonus, France, what a swell country it is, is going to reissue Phantom of the Paradise!

On the writing side, I’ve just finished writing a play called "Beside Herself" with the talented Nick Ullett and both "The Late Spring of Mme. Broussard" and "Mr. Vinégar’s Catastrophe" are moving closer to production. The Mr. Vinégar and Jonesy's blog (the VinegarJonesy Chronicles at is now one year old (and going strong) and will become a book later this year. Plus those two busy little bees tweet every day at #MrVinegarJonesy. So come on in, leave a comment, subscribe, enjoy,


I am now represented by Jen Kelly and Scott Carlson Entertainment.
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