Site Host: Peter Elbling
Occupation: writer/actor/director/songwriter
Years in Training: 45
Age: 23

Hellena Jones Elbling
Fashion Coordinator: Unknown
Hairdresser: Sue Putnam
Dentist: Prefers to remain incognito
Marital Status: See Photographer



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March 2016. I finished the novel Jazz as well as the play Guilt and I’ve sent them out to find homes in publishing house and theaters.

Please check out the new obits. My partner, Mr. Paul Willson, and I have expanded our search and turned up some real gems. There’ll also be some new instagrams coming soon about Mr. Vinegar and Jonesy and a new weird poster I found about an organization called, Have You Lost Your Fucking mind?! Unbelievable but true!

At the beginning of April there’ll be another reading of the play Beside Herself, which I wrote with Mr. Nick Ullett, and there’ll probably be a lot of pictures of me lying on the beach doing nothing. I deserve it!

So come in, enjoy. Leave a comment.   

I am glad to be represented by Jeff Wolfman at the Fred Price Talent Agency..
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