I came up with the idea for the book in the lost lamented Lions Head, a well-known Greenwich Village bar and writer's hangout. My co-writers/editors, Tony Hendra and Christofer Cerf, along with many other contributors, brought it to life.




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In 1982, Disney Inc., announced that it had acquired England, Scotland, Wales, Her Majesty's Government, and Her Majesty as the first step in the creation of a theme park to be known as the United Magic Kingdom.

1983: The national pastime's first year-round playing season. The peculiar pitfalls of winter baseball were captured for all time in this LeRoi painting of the Cincinnati Reds losing the ball -- and the World Series -- in the snows of the Riverfront Stadium.

1982: The concept of advertising copy for American Motors "Le Shoe" was an example of the "New Honesty" in marketing. Hailed as a landmark the campaign was clearly ahead of its time. American Motors folded the same year.

1985: Due to falling attendance the Pope declared he was going to drag the clergy, kicking and screaming if necessary, into the 20th century. He got as far as the 1950s before he gave up -- exhausted from too much jive dancing.

1989: Oil glut and food shortage combined to inspire a delicious line of synthetic food made directly from raw petroleum. Here is a specialty of Houston's famed restaurant, Le Restaurant -- Les Crudités No. 6.