I'm lucky in that I've been able to try my hand at writing, acting, and directing. But if I could only do one, it would be writing. Writing saved my life.

Aside from the pieces you see here, I’ve written a couple of novels, The Sarawak and Jazz which I will self-publish in the next year or so.

I intend that to do that with Die Laughing too. When Die Laughing was first sent to publishers two of them called me up the next day saying, They’re very funny. Are they real? Why? I asked. Well, if they’re real we’ll publish them, they responded.

Like a fool, I told the truth. Apparently, because they were fake they didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t publish them. Mind-boggling.


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The Food Taster


This darkly funny memoir by Ugo DiFonte chronicles his life as a food taster to the despot, Duke Federico. A life in which any meal could be his last.

This raucous faux memoir of sixteenth-century food taster Ugo DiFonte was actually penned by Peter Elbling. Elbling, fronting for the hapless peasant pressed into service by a reviled duke, records the misadventures of a man victimized by time and circumstance. After being appointed by Duke Federico to be his official food taster, Ugo and his beautiful daughter, Miranda, are forced to move into the palace where they confront danger and intrigue on a daily basis. Keeping himself alive and keeping beguiling nubile Miranda out of the clutches of a succession of lechers become his only priorities. Developing a keen sense of self-preservation, he manages to extricate himself from one breathtaking escapade after the other before exacting his own ironic brand of revenge. Loaded with humor and laced with fascinating period detail, this hilarious Renaissance romp also doubles as an enlightening microcosm of sixteenth century society and customs. - Margaret Flanagan

Only $20 including U.S. shipping.

The 80's: A Look Back

A history of the 1980s, written in the '70s, by survivors of the '60s.

The 90's: A Look Back

When so many predictions about the 1980s came true, we thought why not try it again. So we did.


'What made Aria different from the other children in her village was not that she was the youngest or the prettiest but that she could not speak.' A fable set in the jungles of Central America. With wonderful drawings by Sophy Williams.


Die Laughing

Every day Paul Willson and I, along with numerous volunteers, scour the world's media for the funniest obituaries we can find. Every two weeks we will pass our new discoveries on to you.


Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

Garry Goodrow and I wrote a script entitled "Big Baby." It was bought by Disney and made into the sequel to "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids."



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