After our brilliant record of prognostication for the 1980s, we challenged all futurists to match their predictions against ours for the upcoming decade. Not one of them had the courage to take us on.

The medical waste situation grew to epidemic proportions. In 1994, an entire operating room in mid surgery washed up on a beach in New Jersey.



A long time ago, Pat Sajak and I discussed this "look back" at the future.

Alka Seltzer, Brioschi and Tums joined the nation-wide fight against acid rain.

A 'kinder, electric chair' was assured to Death Row inmates with the introduction of the low-voltage electric chair. Just sit back, ease into the copper clippers, and say goodbye.

Audio-animatronic Chairman Mickey Mao-se lends an ear (or two) to democratic desenters.

Power to the Papal: The wildly popular Pope Whoppi the First (and Last) turned home-boys into Rome-boys.